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The Precariat. The New Dangerous Class. il nuovo libro di Guy Standing

E’ uscito il nuovo libro di Guy Standing dal titolo “The Precariat – the new dangerous class”. Qui di seguito, in inglese, alcune recensioni del libro che potete comperare anche tramite internet.
The Precariat is a new class, comprising the growing number of people facing lives of insecurity, doing work without a past or future. Their lack of belonging and identity means inadequate access to social and economic rights. Why is this new class growing, what political dangers does it represent and how might these be addressed?John Harris, The Guardian
‘This important and original book brings out the political dangers, so clear in contemporary America, of failing to address the insecurities of the Precariat. It also suggests the way forward: a reconstruction of the concept of work.’Eileen Applebaum, Centre for Economic and Policy Research, Washington D.C, USA
‘Guy Standing provides an incisive account of how precariousness is becoming the new normality in globalised labour markets, and offers important guidelines for all concerned to build a more just society.’Richard Hyman, London School of Economics, UK
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