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Sao Paolo: XII congresso mondiale del BIEN

CALL FOR PAPERS:The 13th International Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil June 30, July 1-2, 2010. CONGRESS THEME: Basic Income – an Instrument for Justice and Peace.

Basic income (BI) – the universal and unconditional income guarantee to individuals, on account of their belonging to a political community and on recognition of their common property on the community’s riches – should by now be considered a realistic utopia. Not only have concrete experiments begun to spread, but BI has also been called upon as a genuine way of addressing the increasing income gaps, wealth gaps, and economic insecurity of the globalised economy. The 13th International Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network will explore the basic income option from the standpoint of its contribution to social justice and peace. This includes basic income as a means of reducing inequality and poverty, guaranteeing economic security in an increasingly insecure world and addressing citizenship rights directly.

Prospective paper authors are welcome to examine these issues from various standpoints – conceptual, philosophical, theoretical, empirical, political – taking into account local, global or comparative perspectives. We invite paper and panel proposals on topics such as:

BI and the global financial crisis: challenges to and opportunities

  • Feasibility and financing issues at the local, national, regional, and global level(including political economy of financing, concrete experiments, and alternative revenue sources)
  • BI in comparative focus (Employment Guarantees, Stakeholding, Earned Income Tax Credit, Revenue Minimum d’Insertion, Bolsa Família, FTC, Solidariedad, Oportunidad. etc.)
  • BI and work (ethical, political, & empirical issues of the formal & informal labor markets)
  • BI and informal communities (migrant and immigrant communities, shanty towns, slums, “quilombos”, and rural villages)
  • Urban or rural issues and BI (violence, economic security, etc.)

BI and welfare (care, family policies, pensions, social services and the transition from conditional to universal programs)

  • BI and the contemporary discussions on development
  • BI: Left or right politics?
  • BI and democracy and justice (political, social, economic, and international issues)
  • BI as emancipation policy: breaking racial or ethnic prejudices and transforming gender relations?
  • BI and culture
  • BI in particular countries and regions, and regional integration

Submission of Proposals and Important Deadlines

Scholars and practitioners are invited to propose panels and individual paper presentations for the Congress; different perspectives are welcome. Civil society organizations are encouraged to participate. Proposals for papers (by individuals or as part of a panel) should include the following information:

1. Name

2. Affiliation (if applicable) including job title and organization

3. Address

4. Telephone number (including international access code)

5. Email address

6. Title of the presentation/contribution

7. Selected topic (either one of those listed above or the topic proposed for the respective panel)

8. Abstract (summary of 800 to 1000 words)

Panel proposals must provide all of the above information for each paper, plus a definite title for the panel, a brief formulation of questions to be discussed (300-500 words). Papers may be written in any language but the abstract must be submitted in English. The working language of the Congress will be English. The keynote conferences will be in English or Portuguese with simultaneous translation.

The deadline for submission of papers and panel proposals is April 12th 2010. Acceptance of proposals will be communicated by April 25th, 2010 at the latest. This confirmation of acceptance will be provided earlier to those who submit proposals earlier.

Papers and panels should be submitted through the Congress website, at

Details concerning registration for the conference, accommodation, etc. are available at the Congress website.

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