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Il saluto del Bin-Italia al congresso di New York della rete americana, USBIG, per il basic income (in inglese)

2009-02-19 17:47:23

Il saluto del Bin-Italia al congresso di New York della rete americana, USBIG, per il basic income (in inglese)

Over the last decade, the national and international debate about Basic Income has been vibrantly developing and therefore it has achieved an extraordinary level of interest.
During the last decades, the basic income studies school has provided a large body of argumentative material on which to base this thesis. It had important leverage with the Constitutions of the old continent through linking income with the meta-principle of personal dignity. In many European Charters, such as the Community Charter of Fundamental Social Rights for Workers (1989), the European Social Charter (1996) and finally the Nice Charter (2000) (which in third paragraph of article 34 refers to the former charters) the ius vitae assumes the status of the fundamental
right of European citizens that can be judged before the Supranational Courts and in some cases before the ordinary Courts, too. Also the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, in some decisions, suggests the existence of such prerogative by the individual even in very difficult contexts such as the South American one.

This fundamental dimension of the discourse holds further and important connotations in modern times when new productive conditions – namely Post-Fordism or, better, cognitive o bio-capitalism  – have turned into the dominant system of economic production. With the unprecedented opening up of markets and the so-called financialization of the economy bringing along explosive contradictions in the web of contemporary accumulation, basic income can play a new role in addition to those given to it by an influential branch of political theory to this point. It becomes the hub around which is possible to outline a new code that establishes new guarantees for the “laborious citizen” who can then be protected against both the “employment relationships” and the “market relations” also. It would give that support which shelters them from the dynamics of a turbo capitalism hardly governable through those rigid foundations on which modern labor law has been built up to now. Therefore, basic income affects social infrastructure by helping to create a set of “new rights” that open the possibility of a subjective “choice” within labor and of valorization of individual capabilities rather than maintaining a socially decorous level of existence (acting in this case like a social protection measure).
It is with such type of premises that we’re proud to announce to our American colleagues the birth of the Italian node of BIEN, named BIN -Italy. In a period of deep economic crisis, it’s time to have the courage to propose radical welfare reforms in order to provide to any human being the necessary support for a decent life.

The BIN – Italy wishes all the best to the USBIG Conference in New York, 2009.



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