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Basic Income, Globalization and Migration

di Philippe Van Parijs & Yannick Vanderborght

How (un)desirable is an unconditional basic income? How (un)feasibleis it? Most of the discussion on these issues has been conducted in theframework of fairly self-contained nation-states. This may have made a lot ofsense in the case of the brief British debate in the 1920s, in the case of thehardly less brief US debate in the late 1960s, perhaps even in the case of theEuropean debates that started in the 1980s. But how could it possibly makeany sense in the XXIst century, in the era of globalization, in an era in whichcapital and goods, people and ideas are said to cross national borders as theyhave never done before?  In this new context, are the prospects for a basicincome not deeply altered. Indeed, have they not dramatically worsened?

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