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Basic Income for All: a Real Utopia. The Bin Italia first book.

di Bin Italia

An abstract and summary of the first book edit by Bin Italia: “Basic Income for All: a Real Utopia”. Edited by ManifestoLibri.
Basic Income for All: a Real Utopia

In the smoking ruins of the wage-based society, facing a global crisis of civilization, and before the full blown bankruptcy  of neoliberal policies, Basic Income for All is the watchword providing a way of escape through the setting
up of a new social project. A new social project that is able to create a society eventually based on the ideas of the “right of existence”, the freedom of choice, the freedom to create, the distribution of wealth and the equal dignity for all. The authors of this anthology, gathered together by Bin Italy – the Italian Association for the Guaranteed Income – are completely convinced of it. Through a radical insight and a reckless theoretical attitude, the idea of the Income of Citizenship is analysed by using a plurality of approaches and disciplines – the result is a multifaceted, rich and cogent framework. An essential book to cope with the challenges of our time, free from any bias.

Basic Income Network Italy

Marco Bascetta

Basic Income and Labor

Basic Income and the Labor contract
Claus Offe

The Need for an Alternative. Precarious Workers, Crisis
and Guaranteed Income
Sandro Gobetti, Luca Santini

The New Great Transformation: Guaranteed Income
Beyond Labor
Giuseppe Allegri

The Precariat: Basic Income in a Politics of Paradise
Guy Standing

Basic Income and Society

Basic Income and Liberal Theory
Corrado Del Bò

A Global Ecological Argument for a Basic Income
Erika Christensen

The faithlessness of Labor. The Need for Income
of Existence in the time of Feminization of Labor
Cristina Morini

Basic Income and Economics

A New Interpretation of the Idea of Basic Income
Andrea Fumagalli

Income of Citizenship and Social Work
Carlo Vercellone

A Flower Can Sprout from Waste: Basic Income
to Save the Planet
Gianluca Busilacchi

Basic Income and Politics

Basic Income, Stakeholder Grants and Class Analysis
Erik Olin Wright

Beyond Solidarity. On the Moral Foundations of the Welfare
and its Overcoming
Philippe Van Parijs

A Republican Right to Basic Income?
Philip Pettit

The Critical Threshold of Income of Citizenship
Andrea Tiddi

Basic Income and Law

Sixty Years from the Declaration of Human Rights and One
from the Charter of Monterrey
Daniel Raventos

The Right to Guaranteed Income as a Fundamental European
Giuseppe Bronzini

Democracy, Human Rights and Basic Income in a Global Era
Carole Pateman

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