Il call paper per il 14 congresso mondiale del BIEN

Si terrà a Monaco di Baviera il 14 congresso mondiale del BIEN dal 14 al 16 settembre 2012 e sarà organizzato dalla rete tedesca del BIEN. Anche in questa occasione da numerosi paesi nel mondo verrano esperti e sostenitore del reddito di base per incontrarsi e discutere delle campagne da affrontare, delle esperienze nazionali ed internazionali, delle sperimentazioni e dei progetti in atto, per approfondire il tema del reddito di base e le sue declinazioni. Di seguito il Call paper per poter partecipare al Congresso del BIEN di Monaco 2012

14th BIEN-Congress “Pathways to a Basic Income”

14-16 September 2012, Ottobrunn (near Munich), Germany

Call for Papers

In the context of the current debt- and economic crises as well as ecological problems a growing number of people is searching for political alternatives to the existing economy and the way income is distributed within it. The debate about an unconditional basic income has attracted public attention in a number of countries in recent years. But what are plausible pathways to the introduction of basic income schemes? The 14th BIEN congress will provide an open forum for academic debate on this and related question – amongst other highlights with contributions from : Ulrich Beck (tbc), Nancy Fraser (tbc), Min Geum, Rhenana Jhabvala (tbc), Baptiste Mylondo, Ingrid van Niekerk, Claus Offe, Philippe van Parijs, Guy Standing.

We invite all interested groups and individuals, both advocates and critics of Basic Income, to submit abstracts for presentations, workshops, and posters by 15 April 2012 of up to 300 words through the congress website. Abstracts for alternative forms of contributions are also welcome.

Especially welcome are submissions on the following questions:

  • What could a specific roadmap to Basic Income look like, nationally and internationally?
  • Is there evidence for broader public support for a basic income?
  • How do Basic Income debates relate to the current financial and debt crisis?
  • How does Basic Income relate to the ecological crisis?
  • Which versions of Basic Income are viable (with respect to the ecological, social and economic crises), affordable, and politically feasible?
  • What is the normative justification for Basic Income, and what goals does it aim to achieve?

Please visit the congress website for further information on the call for papers, the background concept, location and conference facilities.

You can also register through the website.

As the conference organization is incurring cost we would very much welcome donations.

Many thanks and kind regards

The Congress Organisation team from the Netzwerk Grundeinkommen

(German branch of BIEN)